Here’s the truth…

There’s a chance you are frustrated investing in weekly privates and putting so much energy into the sport, without the results you were hoping for. Maybe you have had improvements, moving up to the 1st team but you still aren’t the starting libero. You have the passion, the love, commitment and discipline and are doing all the “right things” but you aren’t seeing your hard work actually yield results. I created the Libero Academy to help liberos just like you.

600+ Students

20+ Countries

Ages 14 - up

When I was younger, I couldn’t make a 1st team and even when I did, I was playing down an age and made the team as a backup. I had a really hard time not comparing myself to other liberos that had success.

The biggest hurdle I’ve seen over this past year working with High School and Collegiate athletes from taking their game to the next level is the question:

“ Where do I even start? ”
If you’re on this page, there’s a chance you have the same question.

Not having a clear understanding on the principles and concepts that can make you a more consistent receiver and defender won’t just stall your progress, it’ll steal the most precious resource - your time.

I get it because I was there too!

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Can you relate to this…

You spend everyday in the summer playing beach volleyball, only to come back to the house and hit the ball against the wall, against the roof, you teach your sibling how to pepper, just so you can get extra touches. Fast forward to your next club tryout and you didn’t make any of the teams who had hoped to make.

Which in return makes you feel more anxious and confused - thinking you did everything right, working and training every day

All of this increases your imposter syndrome and fear and makes you feel even though you made a club team, you’re not going to improve as much as you were hoping to because you made the 2nd team and/or a less prestigious club.

Imagine this…

Imagine waking up with a clear strategy of what you’re going to focus on in practice, rather than hoping your outcomes will be good or the coaches will give you the perfect tip

Imagine getting an email back from your dream school, that you previously thought was impossible

Imagine creating a version of yourself that knows exactly what you’re going to work on each day and turns failure into fuel for the upcoming week

Imagine instead of shanking serves and feeling shame, you’re able to pivot to the next ball with the same confidence you had after your last perfect pass

Imagine a future where you know what the servers are going to do before they do because you learned how to scout and you have all the servers tells and tendencies in the palm of your hand.


How to join Libero Academy

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What Libero Academy members are saying

Why Libero Academy?

The sport of volleyball is continuously evolving, as athletes become stronger and more powerful. As liberos we must improve our reads, improve our first step, learn how to be more creative on defense and simpler in our float reception.

The Academy is designed for the next generation of liberos who eat/sleep/dream volleyball. I made the Libero Academy for liberos with huge dreams and those who have the desire to put as much time, energy and focus back into their development and growth.

& guess what? When you join you’ll get access to a monthly Libero Master Class, where you’ll meet up and work with me and like minded athletes and coaches. So you don’t have to grow alone - we’re all in this together. Whether it’s questions about technical, tactical or the inevitable debilitating emotions you’ll experience - I got your back.

More Clarity, More Confidence, More joy playing the sport you love.

Let's Get to Work

If you're ready to take responsibility for your journey and to begin thinking, living
and training like a pro - this is the community for you.

Unlimited Streaming of all Content

The Complete Digging & Passing Course

Drills and Exercises from the Elite NCAA Libero Clinic

Libero Pre and Post Game Breakdown

1 Live Q&A Every Month

Taichi's School of Japanese Volleyball Course

Behind the scenes access to NEB athlete film sessions & games

Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Access

Access to the live Monthly Master Class with Dustin Watten

I see you…

You’re willing to run through a wall to improve your game with extra reps, privates every other day and playing doubles outside of training but you feel something is missing. Maybe you got a late start to the sport and feel you’re down thousands of reps compared to other athletes at your age. You don’t want to leave your success up to chance and you want to continue to play as long as you can.

If you’re here now, it’s because you’re ready to level up your game and begin understanding the principles and concepts that professional and NCAA liberos use to be more efficient and consistent.

Thomas Lennart

Hey dude - Just wanted to say how awesome I think it is what you're doing with Libero Academy.

15 years ago when I was a young libero playing in the Dutch <21 squad and hunting for a pro-contract, I spent hours going through the FIVB video database (remember how they used to cut and post video from the big FIVB tournaments?) but it would have been so valuable to have someone to help me 1-on-1 with both the technical and the mental side of being a libero (no libero subs at that time).

So if this was me 15 years ago, I would've been the biggest Academy fan. Now I just like to mentally follow along and just wanted to say how much I appreciate you using your experience and platform this way. Keep it up!

The Libero Academy is different than any other volleyball community out there because

It’s a membership so it is always evolving just like the sport of volleyball is. It is always updated with drills, clinics and more videos for you to learn as the sport changes

There are expert guest liberos from the men’s and women’s side that will occasionally hop on our live Master Classes

This membership is affordable for those at every stage of their journey. One month of membership is half the cost of a private lesson

We are consistently bringing in liberos from different schools of volleyball, so you can invest in a certain style of playing rather than hoping for good outcomes

Ready to Spend less time anxious
and nervous on the court and begin
playing the game you love with
consistent excitement, confidence
and joy? I’m Here to Help!

Hi, I’m Dustin Watten. Professional libero, World Cup Champion. Over the last 12 months, I’ve ran over 20 clinics from California to the Bronx, while working 1v1 with the best 3 NCAA liberos over the last year, Zoe Fleck, Mason Briggs and Lexi Rodriguez.

My first team at nationals got last place in the lowest division, after that season I played volleyball everyday from morning to dusk, only to not make any of the clubs teams I wanted. My senior year my team won nationals in the open division but it still took me four years at Long Beach State to become a full time starter at the libero position.

As I began sharing my career as a professional and member of Team USA, I was shocked to see how many consistent DMs I would receive from athletes feeling anxious, insecure and read to quit the sport they love.

I created two video courses to share concepts that have helped me become a better defender and receiver with the goal of helping the next generation learn and train the game like a pro. The feedback was loud and everyone wanted more drills, more ideas on how to train and more video to study, which propelled me to build the Libero Academy.

If you’re wondering if
the Libero Academy is for you...

This is for you if…

  • You eat/dream/sleep volleyball
  • You’re a libero or you’re ready to max out your ball control
  • You are open to learning and growing
  • You’re tired of feeling insecure and nervous in tight moments
  • You want to make 2023 your biggest year yet
  • You feel overwhelmed with your lack of progress
  • You’re nervous or unsure if you can continue playing at the next level
  • You’re ready to take more responsibility in your volleyball journey
  • You’re already getting extra reps but want to get more out of your time in the gym
  • You believe your journey in the sport is just getting started
  • You want a system you learn and put in place that is proven to give real results
  • You want to have more fun playing the game you love

This isn’t for you if…

  • You want the magic pill that’s going to make you a great player
  • You are playing the sport for someone else rather than yourself
  • You are looking for 1v1 coaching
  • You already believe you know everything about passing, defense and tactics
  • You’re not interested in watching film and/or courses
  • You feel there is only one way to play the game
  • You believe training with your team is enough
  • You are fine with where you are right now

What’s included in the Libero Academy

  • Passing Course - $59.00 
  • Digging Course - $59.00 
  • Taichi’s Course “Art of Japanese Volleyball- $79.00
    Las Vegas NCAA W Clinic -$79.00 
  • Anaheim NCAA M Clinic $79.99 
  • Access to the Monthly Libero Master Class - $1200
  •  Chance to win monthly 1v1 call with me – PRICELESS
  •  30 Hours of Libero Montages for you to study 

The Libero Academy isn’t just another
“volleyball online community”... It’s a 12-month
transformation process that will take you from…

unsure, anxious and imposter syndrome filled athlete

Confident, assertive and aggressive libero, who is consistently learning and improving through calculated and intentional repetitions.

Feeling underwhelmed by your progress? Here is my 4-step process to break down the concepts and principles I use as a professional athlete, so you can implement them on the court and play with more confidence.

Step 1: Learn

Learn how you may be making unconscious and undesirable movements while then learning how you can become more efficient with breakdowns and step by step drills on each skill.

Step 2: Implement

Simple yet detailed drills for you to get to work, most drills only need a friend, coach or parent for you to work on the individual concept or principle.

Step 3: Feedback

I love when our liberos send me videos of their split step or of them ‘scooping’ balls on the defensive side, just a quick video - followed by a small adjustment can lead to huge clarity and huge gain. We also have the "Libero Life' community inside the Libero Academy for you to reach out with any questions. I got your back each step of the way.

Step 4: Repeat

On to the next concept or principle. It’s important that you focus on one concept for at least a week and to give yourself the time and space to focus your awareness on the new concept.

Step by step with a professional libero along side
your journey to help you weed out any confusion and
dial in more intention and purpose into each day.

I mean this was 1000 times better than what I was expecting. Like I’ve said in the past I really love how when you pause a video, you can use the arrow keys to go frame by frame which to me is such a huge plus because you can look at each pass super in-depth, but what really surprised me was how much content is coming out and how frequently it’s coming out. There is nothing like this out there that really focuses on libero’s so in-depth and I truly love it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We're here to help.

  • Do I need to be a certain age to benefit from this content?

    I've found that 14 years old is the youngest age. All of these concepts and principles can be used from 14 - Professional

  • Can I access Libero Academy from my phone or tablet?

    Absolutely! You go to as you would on a computer and log in the same way. You can stream anywhere you go.

  • How do I access the monthly Master Class with Dustin Watten?

    As long as you are subscribed, you will receive an email along with the private link to join each Master Class. Each class will be recorded and added to the Libero Academy.

  • Can I cancel my membership?

    Yes, you may cancel at anytime. Once you cancel, your membership will be active until the end of the month. At the end of the month, your account will be closed and you won’t be charged any longer.

  • How can I work with you or one of the NEB Mentors?

    Fill out this form and you will have the opportunity to schedule a free discovery call:

  • Do you do 1v1 privates?

    At the moment I do not do 1v1 privates. I only do 1v1 monthly mentorships, club clinics or elite libero clinics. Want to more, write me at [email protected]

Are you ready for change?

Have you spent hours trying to figure out things on your own? Hours and hours of privates but you feel you aren’t gaining a deeper grasp on the concepts and techniques that will help you be more consistent? Are you dreaming of the days where you can pass half the court and become the leader of your team? Then the Libero Academy is for you!


Go ALL IN and work with us for the next 12 months.

It’s time to get clear on the concepts that will help you play the game you love with more confidence, while taking more responsibility in your journey - rather than leaving it to chance.

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Chat 1v1, watch film with Dustin Watten, get clear on your technical work you can improve on and learn from professional video.

$1,200 value

Live Monthly Libero Master Class with Dustin Watten

Join the community every month to go over a concept with Dusty, get 2-3 drills to practice with and ask Dusty any questions at the end.

Created for YOU!

This self-paced membership program with support from myself will help you take your reception and defensive game to the next level. With powerful concepts and drills that stack upon each other so you can have more clarity in the steps you can take in accomplishing your goals in the sport.

The Libero Academy will change the way you see, learn, train and compete. It’s a more mindful approach, focusing on the intention rather than the outcome. After 12 months in the Libero Academy, you will know how to confidently train, scout, review video and reframe tough emotions so you are always moving forward - regardless of where you live, what team you are and what stage of your journey you are at.
Hey Dustin, I just finished Taichi’s 7 Day Course and it opened my mind to so many other skillsets I can work on to incorporate into my play. It’s really an awesome addition to the courses already there! I’m loving all the content that’s being pumped so far, and all the events you’ve held that you allowed me to be a part of.

Thanks to the 1v1’s, Libero Academy, and the Tribe events you allowed me to be a part of, I am beginning to see my true potential come into fruition! My job as a college libero isn’t over yet, but best believe I’m going out of my last year with a bang!

Not every day used to be the “best day ever”
for me, until I began taking more responsibility in my journey and living more intentionally. Let me empower you to do the
same, now.

Bonuses included in the Libero Academy

  • Access to the Monthly Master Class
  • Full replays of every Webinar and Master Class
  • Access to the full selection of the noezybuckets libero courses
  • Access to the the men’s and women’s collegiate libero summer clinics
  • Chance to win a FREE 1:1 call with me with the “ALL IN” Membership
  • Scouting Sheet PDF
  • First access to the noezybuckets “TRIBE” 2023 Clinics

You have two options:

Option #1

You can choose to struggle and hope what you’re doing and being taught will bring big results

or …

Option #2

You can join us inside the Libero Academy and spend the next 12 months building and
optimizing your game through the help of a current professional libero. Seeing real results
day after day and receiving continual support on your journey.

What’s it going to be?

If you’re ready, tap the button below, fill out your information and get immediate access to the
Libero Academy and get to work RIGHT NOW.


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