Course curriculum

    1. Scouting TJ Defalco's Serve

    2. Scouting the Servers of Asseco Resovia Rzeszów

    3. Scouting Micah Ma'a Serve

    4. Scouting PGE Skra Bełchatów with Grucha

    1. Scouting with liberos from McKendree - McKendree vs. Pepperdine (FULL VIDEO)

    2. Scouting with NEB Athlete Mason Briggs - LBSU vs. UCLA (FULL VIDEO)

    3. Scouting with Mason Briggs - LBSU vs. UCSB (FULL VIDEO)

    4. Preparing the reception line against a lefty server? With the Liberos from McKendree

    5. How can we move our receivers? With the Liberos from McKendree

    1. Scouting with NEB Athlete Ben Diez - Paris vs. Montpellier (Playoffs)

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